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Here are the core strengths we have, and the services we offer around them:
  • Business Process Enhancement
    • When you realistically look at your business as a series of different processes that allow you to deliver goods and services to your customers and clients; it becomes easy to see why such processes should/could be improved to increase revenue, reduce expenditures and improve operational efficiency. GreenMerits provides a structured, collaborative and documented method to enhance your business processes leveraging the numerous types of technology available today, with the strict goal of providing a tangible, data driven ROI.
  • I.T. Project Outsourcing
    • The days of having to work solely with talent in your immediate area are long gone. Small, medium and large organizations have realized that outsourcing certain I.T. projects not only helps greatly reduce costs but also allows them to focus strictly on their core business. But finding the right outsourcing partner, scoping the project, negotiating and following up can be timely if the right approach is not taken. GreenMerits can map out who you should partner with, why and how best to do it so your technology projects are delivered on time, on budget, and with the functionality you require to drive your business forward.
  • Online Presence and Social Networking
    • The best way to connect with a customer will always be face to face (in our opinion), but having a sound web presence and social networking strategy is a great way to reach a larger audience in a more direct method, and will allow you to maintain relationships with those customers who you are unable to see in person. The GreenMerits team can get you setup with a simple, stylish, customized website and also take the confusion out of how to start using social networks. It is the combination of these tools that will greatly help to promote your brand online, and we'll be with you every step of the way.

Our greatest service though, is quickly gathering a sound knowledge of your unique business needs, and ensuring that the solutions that are implemented are directly tied to them